Carousel Band Organs






Replica Tagnley Air Calliope with original Tangley Brass pipes.

 Plays by rolls and by keyboard. Nice copy of an original and plays well. All self contained with blower in bottom of case. Ready to use and enjoy!

 $6,500.00 Must be picked up in at our York, PA warehosue.




Reproducing Player Piano (Restored and Refinished) Plays Welte Reproducing rolls and standard player piano rolls.

 Piano made by the Weaver Piano Company, York, PA.

 Has fantastic sound and works perfectly.

 Priced at $4,000.00 . Must be picked up in York, PA and you must arrange to have it moved


Older Band Organ Rally Posters and T Shirts (T Shirts are size L only and only 1 of each rally is available) Posters are $25.00 ea and T Shirts are $15.00 ea plus S&H

Carousel Related Signs. CW Barker is tin and the Merry Go Round grab the brass ring is wood. Both are small in size. Both are priced at $28.00 ea. plus S&H

Carousel Horse on Pole (horse is plastic and is child size) . This is a decorative piece, not to sit on. Priced at $100.00 plus S&H.

Art Work by Margret G. Thorn 2007 (Wonderland Pier Carousel) 18" wide by 14" 

High matted art show quality still in original plastic covering as when purchased.

 Priced at $35.00 plus S&H

Carousel Water Color by Bruce Johnson. 30" Hign by 23" Wide.

 Art show quality, matted and still in original plastic covering as when purchased.

 Priced at $45.00 plus S&H



New Old Stock porcelain lamp sockets used for Carousel lighting or any vintage lighting application.

 We have around 120 of these still in the boxes. Price is $3.50 ea plus S&H. A rare find!