Complete Organs For Sale

Very Compact 4 rank Unit Organ by Furst. 

(Diapason-Gedeckt- Salicional- Celeste) in a free standing swell box (no case work for swell box).

 The console is Very Compact with 25 note pedalboard (the most compact console I have ever seen).

 All switching is located in the small console, so it is ideal for a residence organ or small church or chaple and is easy to hook up.

 Switching is Reisner electric switches and has switching for one additional rank that can be added.

 Unit switching plays ranks at many pitches for flexibility. Flute has 16' extension.

 Complete with Console, chests, pipework, swell box, shades, reservoirs, blower, rectifier etc.

 A very nice little instrument!  Priced at $5,000.00 picked up at our York, PA warehouse.  






Self contained Bellmaster Carillion system (working condition) with ten different bell sounds.

 Speaker is remoted to organ chamber or bell tower or both. 

This unit has a 49 note keyboard and is played by the keyboard only (no automatic playing).

 It is a solid state unit and works well. All controlls are in the little console.

 Case was cut on one end so it could be turned sideways to interlock with an organ console.

 That way you just turn on the bench and play the unit. Very unique little carillion unit! 

Priced at $550.00 and must be picked up at our York, PA warehouse.